Songs from John 4:10-14

If you’re simply looking for good songs quickly, this is a list currently being curated of some of the best songs from each chapter. The full list is at advanced search.

John 4:10-14 (Expository) | If You’re Thirsty

 | Songwriters: Robert Evans
 | Artists: The Donut Man
Songwriters: Robert Evans
Artists: The Donut Man
Genre: Children's
Release Year: 1999
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by The Donut Man on Bible Songs Volume 2 (1999).

John 4:10-14 (Expository) | Living Water

 | Artists: Perfect Heart
Artists: Perfect Heart
Release Year: 1994
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Perfect Heart on Live at the Forum (1994).

John 4:10-14 (Expository) | Water From The Well

 | Artists: Acappella

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | Christ Is All

 | Songwriters: Matt Boswell, Matt Papa
Songwriters: Matt Boswell, Matt Papa
Release Year: 2019
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa on His Mercy Is More: The Hymns Of Matt Boswell And Matt Papa (Vol. 1) (2019).
Publishing: © 2017 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) / Messenger Hymns (BMI) / Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP) / Love Your Enemies Publishing (ASCAP) / Adm by

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | It’s Beginning to Rain

 | Artists: Bill Gaither Trio

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | Living Water

 | Songwriters: John Michael Talbot
 | Artists: John Michael Talbot

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | Living Water

 | Artists: Christine Wyrtzen
Genre: CCM
Release Year: 1978
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Christine Wyrtzen on Precious (1978).

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | Spring of Life

 | Artists: Kristian Stanfill
Release Year: 2007
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Kristian Stanfill on Hello (2007).

John 4:10-14 (Reference) | The Water Is Alive

 | Artists: Petra
Artists: Petra
Genre: CCM
Release Year: 1987
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Petra on This Means War! (1987).