Songs from Luke 11:3

If you’re simply looking for good songs quickly, this is a list currently being curated of some of the best songs from each chapter. The full list is at advanced search.

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | A Song for the Birds

 | Artists: Rivers & Robots
Release Year: 2011
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Rivers & Robots on The Great Light (2011).

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Daily Bread

 | Artists: Sarah Wilcox
Artists: Sarah Wilcox
Genre: Christian
Release Year: 2019
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Sarah Wilcox on Our Father (2019).

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Daily Bread

 | Artists: Strahan
Artists: Strahan
Genre: Christian
Release Year: 2012
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Strahan on Posters (2012).

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Genre: Children's
Release Year: 2013
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Dana Dirksen on Questions With Answers, Vol. 5: Prayer and the Sacraments (2013).

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Give Us, Lord, Our Daily Bread

 | Songwriters: Fanny Crosby, John Sweney
Genre: Hymns
Release Year: 1910

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Give Us, Lord, Our Daily Bread

 | Songwriters: John Sweney, Lizzie Edwards
 | Artists:
Genre: Hymns
Hymnal/Album: Coronation Hymns

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | My Best Friend

 | Artists: Albertina Walker
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Albertina Walker on Albertina Walker Live.

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | Things

 | Artists: Scott Wesley Brown
Genre: CCM
Release Year: 1988
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Scott Wesley Brown on To the Ends of the Earth (Word, 1988).
Publishing: Published by River Oaks Music Company/BMI/Universal Music Brentwood Benson Publishing/ASCAP/Meadowgreen Music Company/ASCAP.

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | We Will Fear the Lord

 | Songwriters: Ben Slee
 | Artists: Ben Slee
Songwriters: Ben Slee
Artists: Ben Slee
Genre: Other
Release Year: 2022
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Ben Slee on We Will Fear the Lord (2022).

Luke 11:3 (Reference) | You Are My Daily Bread

 | Artists: Fred Hammond