Songs from Luke 17:11-19

If you’re simply looking for good songs quickly, this is a list currently being curated of some of the best songs from each chapter. The full list is at advanced search.

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | I Just Came Back to Cry Holy

 | Artists: The Pfeifers
Artists: The Pfeifers
Release Year: 2010
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by The Pfeifers on No Thorns In The Crown (2010).

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | The Lepers with their sores oppress’d

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | The One

 | Artists: The Bledsoes

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | Whole

 | Artists: The Chandlers
Artists: The Chandlers
Release Year: 2016
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by The Chandlers on He Does (2016).

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | With a Thankful Heart

 | Artists: Cyndi Aarrestad
Genre: Other
Release Year: 2015
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Cyndi Aarrestad on Lessons from the Word (2015).

Luke 17:11-19 (Expository) | Wounds

 | Songwriters: Ray Scarbrough
 | Artists: 11th Hour
Songwriters: Ray Scarbrough
Artists: 11th Hour
Release Year: 2014

Luke 17:11-19 (Reference) | Meeting Jesus

 | Artists: David Norfrey
Artists: David Norfrey
Genre: Other
Release Year: 2022
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by David Norfrey on I am Found...It is Well! (2022).

Luke 17:11-19 (Reference) | One Out of Ten

 | Songwriters: Felicia Shiflett
 | Artists: The Freemans