Songs from Revelation 2:8

If you’re simply looking for good songs quickly, this is a list currently being curated of some of the best songs from each chapter. The full list is at advanced search.

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | Discovery

 | Artists: Rivers & Robots
Release Year: 2018
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Rivers & Robots on Discovery (2018).
Publishing: © 2018 administered by Sentric Music (PRS).

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | Emmanuel (Every Promise Yes in Him)

 | Songwriters: Caroline Cobb Smith
 | Artists: Caroline Cobb
Songwriters: Caroline Cobb Smith
Artists: Caroline Cobb
Release Year: 2017
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Caroline Cobb on A Home & A Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope (2017).
Publishing: © 2017 Sing the Story Music (ASCAP).

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | Everything in Between

 | Artists: Kingdom Heirs
Artists: Kingdom Heirs
Release Year: 2019
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by the Kingdom Heirs on Everything in Between (2019).

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | Only Christ

 | Songwriters: Erik Dewar
Songwriters: Erik Dewar
Release Year: 2019
Publishing: © 2019 Glory & Gladness Music (ASCAP),

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | The Greatest Name

 | Songwriters: Colin Buchanan
 | Artists: Colin Buchanan
Songwriters: Colin Buchanan
Genre: Children's
Release Year: 2014
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Colin Buchanan on The Jesus Hokey Pokey (2014).
Publishing: © 2014 Universal Music Publishing (Aust.)

Revelation 2:8 (Reference) | The Same Jesus

 | Artists: Matt Redman
Artists: Matt Redman
Release Year: 2020
Hymnal/Album: Introduced by Matt Redman on Let There Be Wonder (2020).