Expository Songs

God’s Reply (Job 38) (1994)
Don Francisco | Popularized by Don Francisco
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Job Suite (Job 38)
Michael Card | Popularized by Michael Card
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Other References

Creation Sings (Job 38:7) (2010)
Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend | Popularized by Steve Green
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The earth renewed in righteousness (Job 38:7)
James Mongtomery
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The morning stars were singing with joy (Job 38:7)
Thomas MacKellar

Redeemer (Job 38:8) (2000)
Popularized by Nicole C. Mullen
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The Perfect Wisdom of Our God (Job 38:8) (2010)
Keith Getty, Stuart Townend | Popularized by Keith and Kristyn Getty
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The Pleiades and Orion (Job 38:31) (1988)
John Michael Talbot | Popularized by John Michael Talbot
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Behold Our God (Who Has Held the Oceans) (Job 38) (2000)
Meghan Baird, Jonathan Baird, Stephen Altrogge, Ryan Baird | Popularized by Sovereign Grace Music
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