Expository Songs

Jonah (Jonah 2:2-7) (2002)
Noah Cohen, Robert Rose | Popularized by Liberated Wailing Wall
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A Whale of a Story (Jonah 2) (2000)
Popularized by Buddy Davis
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The Prayer of Jonah to the Lord his God out of the Fish’s Belly (Jonah 2)

The Song of Jonah upon his great Deliverance (Jonah 2)

Third Day (Jonah 2) (2018)
Jamie Soles | Popularized by Jamie Soles
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Other References

Jonah & the Whale (Jonah 2) (2000)
Buddy Greene | Popularized by Buddy Greene
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Jonah’s Song (Jonah 2) (1979)
Popularized by Mark Heard
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