Expository Songs

I think, when I read that sweet story of old (Matthew 18:1-5)
Written by Jemima Luke
Lyrics | Sheet Music

The Ninety and Nine (Matthew 18:10-14)
Written by Elizabeth C. Clephane, Joyce Borger
Lyrics | Sheet Music | YouTube

I’m the Lamb (That the Shepherd left the Flock For) (Matthew 18:11-14)
Written by Phil Armenia | Popularized by Booth Brothers
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The Loving Shepherd (Matthew 18:11-14)
Written by Frank Garlock, Flora Jean Garlock, Traditional Spanish Melody | Popularized by Majesty Music

The Ninety and Nine (Matthew 18:11-14)
Written by Ira Sankey, Elizabeth Clephane | Popularized by Gaither Homecoming Friends
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Loving Shepherd, kind and true (Matthew 18:12-13)
Written by Angelus, Catherine Winkworth
Lyrics | Sheet Music

One Lost Lamb (Matthew 18:12)
Written by Daniel Otis Teasley
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Where two or three (Matthew 18:20)
Written by Samuel Stennett
Lyrics | Sheet Music

Where two or three together meet (Matthew 18:20)
Written by John Kent
Lyrics | Sheet Music

Wherever two or three may meet (Matthew 18:20)
Written by Thomas Hastings
Lyrics | Sheet Music

The Happy Debtor (Matthew 18:23-35)
Written by John Newton | Popularized by Olney Hymns (1783)

Nothing to Pay (Matthew 18:27)
Written by Frances Havergal
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Other References

Faith of a Child (Matthew 18:3)
Popularized by Down East Boys

We Are Like Children (Matthew 18:3)
Written by Dottie Rambo | Popularized by The Rambos

A Shepherd in Search of a Lamb (Matthew 18:11-14)
Popularized by Jeff and Sheri Easter
Lyrics | YouTube

Here I Am (Matthew 18:11-14)
Written by Sylvia Merle Green | Popularized by The Hoppers
Lyrics | YouTube

The Shepherd’s Call (Matthew 18:11-14)
Written by Gerald Crabb | Popularized by The Crabb Family
Lyrics | YouTube

All The Way To Kingdom Come (Matthew 18:11)
Popularized by Rich Mullins
Lyrics | YouTube

The Good Shepherd (Matthew 18:12-14)
Written by O. A. Pratt
Lyrics | Sheet Music

There is a little, lonely fold (Matthew 18:12-14)
Written by Mina Grace Saffery
Lyrics | Sheet Music

Bring Them In (Matthew 18:12)
Written by Alexcenah Thomas
Lyrics | Sheet Music

Loose Him and Let Him Go (Matthew 18:18)
Popularized by Gold City

7×70 (Matthew 18:22)
Popularized by Chris August
Lyrics | YouTube

Seventy Times Seven (Matthew 18:22)
Popularized by David Meece
Lyrics | YouTube


Where Two or Three (Matthew 18:20)
Written by Frank Hernandez, Dave Hampton | Popularized by Steve Green and Hide ‘Em In Your Heart
Lyrics | YouTube

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