Expository Songs

Have Mercy (Psalm 123)
Written by Jamie Soles | Popularized by Jamie Soles
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O Thou That Dwellest In The Heavens (Psalm 123)
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O Thou That In The Heavens Sit (Psalm 123)

O thou who in the heav’ns dost dwell (Psalm 123)

O Thou Whose Grace And Justice Reign (Psalm 123)
Written by Isaac Watts
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O thou, who hast o’er all eternal sway (Psalm 123)
Written by Thomas Cradock

On thee, who dwell’st above the skies (Psalm 123)

To Thee, for Succour, in Distress (Psalm 123)
Written by John Barnard

To You, O LORD, I Lift My Eyes (Psalm 123)
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Other References

Come People of the Risen King (Psalm 123:1)
Written by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend | Popularized by Keith and Kristyn Getty
Lyrics | Sheet Music | YouTube

Everlasting God (Psalm 123:2)
Popularized by Jeremy Camp
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Psalm 123 (Psalm 123)
Popularized by Sons of Korah
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