Expository Songs from Matthew 4

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Expository Songs
Matthew 4:1-2: Forty Days and Forty Nights (George Smyttan)
Matthew 4:1-11: 3 Times (3 Youth)
Matthew 4:1-11: Beat The Devil (The Statler Brothers)
Matthew 4:1-11: How great was our dear Lord’s distress
Matthew 4:1-11: Jesus Didn’t Sin (Colin Buchanan/Colin Buchanan)
Matthew 4:1-11: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (Claudia Hernaman)
Matthew 4:1-11: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (Advent Birmingham (feat. Madison Hablas))
Matthew 4:1-11: Son of God (John Lucas)
Matthew 4:3-11: Tempted (Matthew 4:3-11) (Toni Hicks)
Matthew 4:4: “Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone” (Witness Lee, Katholisches Gesangbuch (1774))
Matthew 4:17: This Is the Hour Matthew 4:17 (Gary Campbell)
Matthew 4:18-19: Fishers of Men (Yost Family Music)
Matthew 4:18-20: Sea of Souls (Michael Card/Michael Card)
Matthew 4:18-20: Things We Leave Behind (Michael Card, Scott Roley, Phil Madeira/Michael Card)
Matthew 4:18-22: Drop Everything (Scott Krippayne)
Matthew 4:18-22: Galilee (Chuck Girard)
Matthew 4:18-22: When Jesus Saw the Fishermen (Edith Agnew)
Matthew 4:19-20: Come Follow Me (Matthew 4:19-20) (1 Voice)
Matthew 4:19: Fishers of Men (Rhonda Vincent)
Matthew 4:19: Fishers of Men (The Browns)
Matthew 4:19: Fishers of Men (I Will Make You) (Harry Clarke)
Matthew 4:19: Follow Thou Me (M. B. C. Slade)
Matthew 4:19: Matthew 4:19 (Angela Naeve)
Matthew 4:21: Things We Leave Behind (Michael Card, Scott Roley, Phil Madeira/Michael Card)
Other References
Matthew 4:1-11: Devil in the Desert (Bill Monaghan)
Matthew 4:1-11: I Won’t Trade My Crown (Gina Vera, Rich Adkins/Down East Boys)
Matthew 4:1-11: In This Forty Days (Bellwether Arts (Andy Bast & Bruce Benedict))
Matthew 4:1-11: Out Into the Wilderness (Bob Hurd)
Matthew 4:1-11: Quoting Deuteronomy (To The Devil) (Rich Mullins, Beaker/Rich Mullins)
Matthew 4:1-11: Your Heart Was Set (Caroline Cobb Smith/Caroline Cobb)
Matthew 4:2: The Glory of These Forty Days (Maurice F. Bell)
Matthew 4:2: Unkempt Untempted (Charles Wesley (lyrics)/Cardiphonia Music (feat. Ben Wright))
Matthew 4:4: Awhile in Spirit, Lord, to Thee (Georg Joseph, Joseph Francis Thrupp)
Matthew 4:4: Blessed Jesus, Living Bread (Koiné)
Matthew 4:4: Covering (Stephen Miller)
Matthew 4:4: Fight Song (Kingdom Kids)
Matthew 4:4: Glory to You Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ (Lenten Gospel Acclamation) (Bill Monaghan)
Matthew 4:4: He Will Leave The Rest (Age of Faith)
Matthew 4:4: Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Bob Hurd)
Matthew 4:4: Living Word (Jeremy Camp)
Matthew 4:4: Man Can’t Live by Bread Alone (William Gaither, Gloria Gaither/Bill Gaither Trio)
Matthew 4:4: Not by Bread Alone (Bob Hurd)
Matthew 4:4: Old Highway (The Hillbilly Thomists)
Matthew 4:4: Our Lion (Anchordown)
Matthew 4:4: Sanctify Me (The Acclaim)
Matthew 4:4: The Word of God (Andy Chrisman)
Philippians 4:7: Keep Watch (Karin Simmons)
Matthew 4:6: O My Redeemer! (Fanny Crosby, Ira Sankey)
Matthew 4:16: Heaven Has Come to Us (Jon Althoff, Lacy Hudson, Marc Willerton/Sovereign Grace Music)
Matthew 4:16: His sovereign grace (Charles Wesley)
Matthew 4:16: Light in Darkness (Leonard Bacon)
Matthew 4:16: Progress (Annie Moses Band)
Matthew 4:16: See the Glory of the Lord (Darby Hughes)
Matthew 4:16: So Much Joy (Songs Of Grace)
Matthew 4:16: The People That in Darkness Sat (John Morison)
Matthew 4:16: Where Else Have We To Go (Nicky Chiswell/Emu Music)
Matthew 4:17: Behold Now the Kingdom (John Michael Talbot/John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot)
Matthew 4:17: God’s Kingdom Is at Hand (Commissioned by the Lord Are We) (Lelia Morris)
Matthew 4:17: Your Kingdom Come (Josh Bales)
Matthew 4:18-20: I Wanna Live Like Jesus (Freedom Quartet)
Matthew 4:18-20: The Peter Blues (Wayne Pascall)
Matthew 4:18-22: Fish With Me (Ken Canedo)
Matthew 4:18-22: Jesus Calls Us O’er the Tumult (Cecil Frances Alexander, William H. Jude)
Matthew 4:18-22: Jesus Is The King (Paul Sheely/Emu Music)
Matthew 4:18-22: Two Fishermen (Suzanne Toolan)
Matthew 4:19: Fishers of Men (Harry D. Clarke)
Matthew 4:19: Fishers of Men (The Newsboys)
Matthew 4:19: Follow Me (Casting Crowns)
Matthew 4:19: Follow Me, the Master Said (Arthur Cottman)
Matthew 4:19: Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling (Daniel March, Alexander C. Hopkins)
Matthew 4:19: He Made a Change (Joel Lindsey, Ernie Haase/The Cathedrals)
Matthew 4:19: Hey Jesus (CAIN)
Matthew 4:19: Let’s Go Fishin’ (Awana)
Matthew 4:19: Nothin’ Ever Happens (Jimmy Owens, Carol Owens/Jimmy and Carol Owens)
Matthew 4:19: Peter’s Song, Pt. 1 (Lilyfields)
Matthew 4:19: Who Do You Say? (Alan Horvath)
Matthew 4:20-22: Jesus Was Converted (Colin Buchanan/Colin Buchanan)
Matthew 4:20-22: Leaving All, I Follow Thee (Fanny Crosby, John Sweney)
Matthew 4:20: For the Sake of the Call (Steven Curtis Chapman/Steven Curtis Chapman)
Matthew 4:20: Long Ago in Old Judea (Mrs. M.J. Bittle, J.H. Fillmore)
Matthew 4:20: Silver (Rivers & Robots)
Scripture Songs
Matthew 4:2: He Fasted Forty Days: Song for Lent (Matthew 4:2) (Catholic Songs for Kids)
Matthew 4:4: Matthew 6:33, 7:7, 4:4 (Ruth Jacobs)
Matthew 4:4: Not By Bread Alone (Matthew 4:4) (Slugs and Bugs)
Matthew 4:4: Seek Ye First (The Maranatha Singers)
Matthew 4:10: Matthew 4:10 (Awana)
Matthew 4:10: Matthew 4:10 (Dee Downey Pruett)
Matthew 4:10: Matthew 4:10 (Marjorie L. Wingert)
Matthew 4:10: Matthew 4:10, What a friend we have in Jesus (Dee Downey Pruett)
Matthew 4:18-20: Fishers of Men (Matthew 4:18-20) (Seeds Family Worship)
Matthew 4:18: Come, Follow Me (Matthew 4:18) (GroupMusic)
Matthew 4:19: Matthew 4:19 (Concordia Publishing House)
Matthew 4:19: Matthew 4:19 (PressOn Kids)
Matthew 4:19: Matthew 4:19 (Verse Tunes)
Matthew 4:19: The Fisherman Chorus (Wesley Nehf)
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